How Would the Dalai Lama have voted in the EU Referendum? (email to my local MP Sarah Wollaston)

Dear Sarah,

A number of us recently spent a convivial evening in a local hostelry discussing the critical issue of – how would the Dalai Lama have voted in the EU referendum?

We concluded after numerous and varied libations that the DL would have found it very difficult to have contemplated lining-up on June 23rd last year with the unruly mob of chancers, dreamers, city boys, obsessives, right wing Tory/UKIP awkward squad members or Jacob Rees-Mogg and his nanny who were leading or involved with the Leave campaign.

We are sure that he would have found their very confident claims, that after a brief period of turmoil and uncertainty in the UK post Brexit, that some nirvana-like, sun-lit economic uplands would be revealed to us all where we could be properly British again and become rich beyond the dreams of avarice, as being a rather facile pipe-dream.

We are convinced that if the Dalai Lama does have a view on Brexit, it would be for the UK to remain in the EU and to cooperate and work through its many problems together with our European cousins. We couldn’t see the tight-arsed, xenophobic, nationalistic, Little Englander approach adopted by the Leave campaign as being one that would be particularly attractive to his Holiness.

We are very happy to share the results of this important debate with you.

Best regards